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Periodontics Gum diseases

Periodontics Gum diseases is the least understood specialized branch of dentistry. It deals with the structures supporting the teeth like

  • Gums
  • Cementum,
  • Alveolar bone
  • Periodontal ligament

Periodontists deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum related diseases. They recognize the initial stages of gum inflammation. They perform minor surgeries to resolve severe gum diseases (periodontitis). If left untreated it leads to severe bone loss and tooth loosening.

Oral prophylaxis – scaling and polishing

Diseases of the gums or gingivitis and periodontitis cause many problems including bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loosening and tooth loss. Improper oral hygiene or certain disease conditions cause gums to become swollen and infected. Accumulation of plaque or tartar gradually infects the gums and disease progresses. Early intervention is highly recommended.

We specialize in diagnosis and therapy of various diseases affecting gums, bones and teeth supporting structures. Routine oral prophylaxis includes scaling and polishing to remove bacterial plaque and tartar from the teeth surfaces. It is mainly performed to prevent decay and other oral complications. We use automatic ultrasonic scaling instruments and high-tech devices. Getting an oral prophylaxis done on a regular basis helps fight tooth decay, gum disease and staining

Curettage and Periodontal flap surgery | gum surgery

We have many treatment options for gum diseases (periodontitis) depending on the severity of the disease. To eliminate gum infection, our expert treatment options range from scaling, curettage, deep cleaning under the gums (root planning) to gingival flap surgery