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A team of Dr.Balaji, Dr. Balaguhan, Dr.Madhanmohan has performed more than 1000 surgeries in one decades. Team expertise and skill in jaw correction surgery or orthognathic surgery is unsurpassed. Jaw surgeries are very complicated and required extraordinary precision and presence of mind. Size and procedure of facial bones jaws and teeth determine the facial appearance. If jaws are not propurtioite out of alignment may cause difficulty in speaking,biting,chewing or breathing jaw joint pain and affect the appearance such imbalance can be easily corrected surgically. Orthognathic surgery is basically performed on the bones of jaws to change the position and size. It is involved repositioning all or part of jaw upper or lower or chinning arrangement. Sometimes bone will be added taken away or reshaped. When jaws are moved forward or backwards up or down or rotated the soft tissue, chin, cheek, tip of the nose, lips move accordingly. Therefore ones, jaws are correctly positioned the architecture of the facial skeleton is changed and the hormonal between the facial features is achieved is results in facial profile that is pleasing or even more beautiful to look.


Balaji Hospital Oral and jaw and faciomaxillary surgeons and orthodontist are vast experience in treating complicated jaw problem and major improvement in previous techniques every year people from around the world come to Dr Balaji’ s hospital life changing jaw surgery.

Advance technology:

3 dimensional CT Scanning, computer guided treatment planning, and temporary orthodontic anchoring device help in the movement of teeth to decrease your time in braces.

Team work:

Balaji ‘ hospital has comprehensive and coordinate approach to care. A skill team care for you from diagnosis to surgical treatment and recovery.


Balaji hospital continue to evaluate in news ways to correct jaw relate issues.