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Nose reconstruction surgery

Correction of common nasal deformities:

Broad nose, saddle nose and parrot beak nose are common nasal deformities.
Most people are not happy with the shape of the nose.
Over 10% of the population has some degree of nasal deformity. structural nasal deformity also leads to functional compromise. Snoring is a result of a deviated nasal septum. A constricted nasal canal arising from flat nose deformity can compromise breathing function. Daytime sleepiness is a result of such a functional compromise. Rhinoplasty provides not only good cosmetic results but also improves nasal function. It has proven that good sleep oxygen levels are very important for good memory functions.

Skill sets for a rhinoplasty surgeon:

Nasal tissues are very vascular and delicate. It consists of both bone and cartilage. A good rhinoplasty surgeon also needs to be an artistic person. Nose reshaping requires a lot of finesse. What might suit one individual might not be the right choice for another. An incisions made on the external nose are in the natural skin creases. These scars are well camouflaged with on the creases. Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

    Correction of deformities arising from trauma:

    Bulky nose / nose discoloration rhinoplasty:
  • Removal of excess flesh from the nose gives it a sharper appearance. That is better suited for the face. Parrot beak nose correction would also involve removal of excess tissue.

  • Flat nose / saddle nose correction:
  • Inadequate nose bone height results in a flat nose. A rhinoplasty with placement of a bone graft will give the patient a sharp nose.

  • Nasal tip/ nasal hump correction:
  • Rhinoplasty surgery involves reshaping of the nose with either removal or grafting of bone to obtain a perfect nose.

  • Nasal asymmetry correction:
  • A bent or crooked nose is often treated by means of a rhinoplasty. The bone is straightened to correct the deviation in the nose. This would also result in dramatic improvement in snoring.

  • Trauma to the nose:
  • Rhinoplasty is performed to set right any fractures or dislocations involving the bones or the cartilage of the nose.