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All on 4 Implants & Zygoma implants

ALL ON FOUR IMPLANTS has evolved over time. It is not just an invention, but an evolved surgical technique that serves as a chisel to bring out the art of creating a beautiful smile in patients with edentulous maxilla or mandible. ALL ON FOUR CONCEPT is all about four implants supporting 10 - 14 teeth in anarch. It gains its importance when patients are suffering with compromised bone or pneumatised sinuses or insufficient bone quality in the posteriors in whom use of conventional implant technique is highly possible. The system comprises of two implants placed in the maxillary anterior region straight and 2 more implants placed in the posterior region that is angulated from the posterior region to end up in the anterior region over which the bridge is supported. The All-On-4 protocol is considered to be a graftless solution thereby avoiding the long and costly road of rebuilding bone when conventionally oriented implants re used. The implants that is placed at the back are angulated such that it ends up before the sinus int he maixlla and before the mental foramen in the mandible so that it emerges near the second premolar to provide a cantilever support for the molar.

  • Less number of implants
  • No bone grafts and no sinus lifts
  • Cost effective High success rate
  • Specialy applicable for those in whom conventional placement of implants is impossible.
  • Immediate placement of teeth.
  • DAY 1 :- Consultation, Radiographic analysis.

Within 5 to 6 days of treatment, you will get your smile and confidence back. ALL ON FOUR promises you long lasting smile, chewing efficiency and confidence.

Zygoma implants

Zygomatic Dental Implants are embedded into the cheekbones, elminating the need for bone grafting and/or sinus lifts prior to getting dental implants. A specially designed dental implant (up to 55 mm instead ofthe usual 10mm or 15 mm for normal dental implants) can be placed into the cheekbone (medically referred to as Zygoma) instead of the jaw bone, which benefits those who don’t have enough jaw bone to sustain regular implants.After the long zygomatic implants are anchored on the upper jaw and inside the zygomatic bone, a provisional prosthesis can be fixed immediately.Grafting procedures involving the severely resorbed maxilla have always been a challenge for both the clinician and the patient. Due to extreme bone loss in the maxillary molar regions, patients would normally have needed bilateral posterior bone grafts with sinus lift surgery. Hence, the possibility of an additional surgery with prolonged treatment time.The development of the Zygoma implant presents a unique alternative for patients who wish to avoid bone grafting, sinus lifts and still get dental implants, as the implants can be placed in areas with only single surgical procedure and eliminates the need for grafting

Single tooth replacement

Single tooth replacement replaces the lost tooth along with the root and thereby prevents bone resorption. There are other treatment options like tooth supported fixed bridge which requires reduction of the adjacent teeth making them prone to lose its vitality. This procedure involves placement of implant within the bone over which a metal post named abutment is placed for the crown to be seated. Now the dentist makes the impression to create a model over which the crown is fabricated. Such fabricated crown is attached to the abutment of the implant.


Looks and functions like a natural tooth.Maintains the bone level as such and prevents the bone from resorption.Tooth is replaced without any damage to the adjacent teeth.It is more esthetic.Easy to maintain than a bridge.

Full mouth rehabilitation

It is meant for individuals who have lost their entire teeth. Implant supported full bridge or full denture can replace the entire lost teeth. Consultation and planning: This step comprises of thorough examination, evaluation of medical and dental history, imaging and treatment planning. Placement of dental implants: Implants are placed on the bone which serves as a strong base for the new teeth. Abutment placement: A connector called abutment is placed between the Dental implant and the crown after 2 to 3 days of implantation. Bridge placement: Finally a tooth or bridge is placed over the abutment.

    Prevents the bone from resorption.
  • Numerous teeth being replaced with few number of implants.
  • Maintains facial integrity.
  • Highly esthetic with natural emerging profile.
  • Increase in efficacy of biting and chewing.
  • Brings back facial fullness and helps to regain the original facial structure.

One hour dental implants
It is an instant computer aided process in which the implants and teeth are placed in a single visit.


This procedure is exclusively for those who need an immediate teeth replacement.They should have enough bone and Zero teeth or should undergo extraction during surgery.1hour Dental implant procedure is planned using a CT scan and virtual reality software. A Prefabricated bridge is fitted over the implants.The technology enable the identification of precise location of dental implants which is placed precisely as planned on the day of procedure. Healing time is not required since,the surgical sites are covered with implants and the bridge.

  • High accuracy with stunning esthetic look.
  • Reduced number of visits.
  • Immediate functioning of Dental implants.
  • Prevents bone loss and makes it much denser and stronger.
  • Painless procedure and no wait for teeth.
  • Maintains facial integrity.